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Dino Leggieri
Company Bio


Dino Leggieri, owner and operator of Aurora Interlock, Landscaping & Pools Inc., has over 30 years of construction experience to his name. The award winning company recently was given the “Award of Prestige” from Fox Pools Canada. Aurora Interlock, Landscaping & Pools garners a reputation as one of York Region’s leaders in high quality residential and commercial construction, providing to both the public and private sectors.


Aurora Interlock, Landscaping & Pools is a one stop shop design and build company, from start-to-finish all work is completed by trained professionals. We offer prompt and courteous services and guarantee our workmanship on hard scape for 2 years.


The success and exponential growth of the company traces back to Dino Leggieri’s mandatory requirement for all jobs and his own personal motto, “Provide quality, durable construction, and do it right the first time.”


Aurora Interlock, Landscaping & Pools Inc. is extremely proud of its extensive list of glowing referrals and repeat clients, a tribute to both the quality of work and the employees who provide it.


at the office


Our office is filled with a number of talented individuals who are driven and motivated each day to complete the tasks at hand and answer any questions the clients may have. From emails to phone calls, to making estimates on job sites, or even creating a landscape drawing, the staff at Aurora Interlock, Landscaping & Pools provides the customer with the best experience possible.


The trained professionals at Aurora Interlock, Landscaping & Pools offices, provide a place to talk one-on-one about all your landscaping dreams. The showroom displays a number of different sample stones and catalogue books to discover what would work best for your outdoor retreat.




From pool construction to interlock, retaining walls and natural flagstone installation; Aurora Interlock, Landscaping & Pools team of trained professionals are dedicated to providing top quality construction and exceptional customer service.


At Aurora Interlock, Landscaping and Pools each project is unique to our customer, yet the highest standards of quality and workmanship remain the same throughout. Our construction team works diligently and precisely, ensuring everything is where it needs to be and is working properly. No matter what the job may be, it always gets completed right the first time.


Countless customers have repeatedly mentioned the professionalism of our construction staff. Click on the images below to see a few examples of our team at work and the process of the construction.


construction1 construction2 construction3 construction4 construction5 construction6 construction7 construction8 construction9 construction10 construction11 construction12 construction13 construction14 construction15


What makes us different


First and foremost, Aurora Interlock, Landscaping & Pools Inc. is known for the quality of our construction. We insist that every job adheres to the highest standards of construction quality. Additionally, with over 30 years of construction experience within the company, our estimators, designers and landscape architects have the skills and dedication to bring your vision to a reality.


Aurora Interlock, Landscaping & Pools Inc., is your one-stop-shop for all your outdoor desires. From retaining walls to outside lighting to pool installation and more, we provide you with all the services without having to deal with more then one contractor. From start-to-finish Aurora Interlock, Landscaping & Pools Inc., is the right choice to get it all done.


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