Aurora Interlock: Top Company for your Newmarket Pool Installations

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Newmarket Pool Company

Aurora Interlock, Landscaping & Pools Inc. offers services that help improve the appearance of your home. Our excellent services result from our high-quality craftsmanship, which is put to great use by our team of professional managers. Being a Newmarket pool company, we regularly work in the local area.

Also, our award-winning company boasts of a team that focuses on customer satisfaction for success on every project. Providing durable and quality construction are the other requirements we live by.  

In our operations as a Newmarket pool company, some of the services we offer include:

  • Custom inground pool installation
  • Custom built fireplaces & barbeques
  • Landscaping and waterfalls lighting
  • Fences, Gazebos, and decks
  • Historical buildings/homes restorations
  • Landscaping of interlocking patios, driveways, pools, and walkways

The design and transformation of the outdoor spaces around your home are where our services are most relevant. We can assist in redesigning your walkways, backyard, patio, and backyards. 

In creating the best Newmarket backyard pools, the first step in our process is to listen to what you have to say as the client. We make a design that incorporates your preferences and falls within your budget for a project through discussions with you. 

In the design and development of our Newmarket inground pools, we utilize the most efficient energy-saving products and the application of the latest technology available. This increases the life of the pools while reducing the cost of development significantly. 

We pride ourselves in being more than just a Newmarket pool company, as our team has a track-record of providing facelifts to patios, walkways, driveways, and other outdoor areas. With the plethora of pavers, which vary in shapes, patterns, colors, sizes, and textures, there is no limit to the level of customization you can give your home. 

You can learn more by contacting our team via phone call, email or by leaving us a message by filling the contact form available on every page of our website.